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Fun F-M summer workouts

The end of classes, exams, and (hopefully) cold weather is coming. Summer is near.

For many of us, this means days filled with work, internships, and if we’re lucky, a lake day here and there.

Many Cobbers stay in the area for those fleeting months, enjoying the area’s activities and staying in shape.

Taylor Thompsen, a junior at Concordia, will be residing in Moorhead for the summer, spending her time volunteering and building her resume.

Thompsen, a workout enthusiast, says she looks forward to the warmer weather because it means she can spend more time exercising outdoors.

“I would much rather run outside than on a treadmill,” Thompsen said. “It’s way more distracting.”

For those who, like Thompsen, prefer an outdoor running experience, a list of all of the upcoming races in the area can be found at

Not everyone is an avid runner like Thompsen, though.

For those that enjoy more of a team-oriented atmosphere, there are a variety of activities put on by the Fargo Park District throughout the summer months.

There are basketball and volleyball leagues, fencing, kickball, softball and even Frisbee golf.

Junior Kelsey Lofstedt was in a volleyball league last summer through the Fargo Park District.

“It was a lot of fun,” she said. “It was a fun way to get some exercise other than just running or something.”

Lofstedt also said it was a different way to meet people she may have not otherwise met.

“Each league lasts about two months, so you get to know other people pretty well,” she said.

The average cost for activities through the Fargo Park District is about $50 per two-month session, and there’s still time to sign up!

More league and registration information can be found at

Others spending their summer months in the Fargo/Moorhead area have plans for more intense workouts.

Sophomore Brienna Larson plans to spend her summer days working her way through the p90x program.

Larson said she’s tried completing it before, but with school, she didn’t have the time to commit.

“I’m hoping I’ll have more free time since we won’t be in school to make it through the whole thing,” she said.

Larson said she is excited to see the program’s results and feel a lot stronger and healthier going into next school year.

“I just want to feel confident walking down the sidewalks, you know?” she said.

Whatever your motive, whatever your preference, there is plenty to do right here in Fargo/Moorhead to stay active this summer.


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