Compete and prove yourself

HenaginOpinionA game addiction teaches a life lesson

Dear Cobbers, I don’t know if any of you are aware, but a new form of procrastination is sweeping the corn nation, and it goes by the name of 2048! I genuinely have never been more competitive about a game in my life. I have never played Farmville, candy crush or anything like that, but this game has made me realize my inner competitive spirit again. I did random sports in junior high but never got concerned. Another thing is that I get competitive not only with myself, but my friends, I get jealous, angry and straight upset when people keep beating me at this game.

What it really made me realize was just how much I valued competition in my life. The feeling of having to do better, of having to fight for the position you hold. I also think it is being made ever apparent by my impending life change.

I realize as someone, who for the first time in their life, will not be in a college class setting, that I will have to compete. I will have to compete for jobs, housing, friends, and anything else I choose to have in my life because until now it sort of just happened as an effect of circumstance which is fantastic, and super appreciated. I do however want to get something based on my actual ability to get it. I want to be rejected for something so that when I have to work for something else I will have fuel for my hate fire.

Competition instills in you a want to work. You want to work harder and know you are the best, and to know that no one else could even hold a candle to you and your ability. What I really want to say is that while, right now, it seems daunting and even unnecessary, but when you actually achieve your end goal, the feeling will be so satisfying it is almost painful. Go forth young cobbers and step away from the deeply rooted passive aggression and show someone just how good you are at life.


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