I am pro-life but I am not anti-abortion. Yes, there is a difference. I identify as pro-life because I believe that we need stricter gun laws in order to protect the lives of the people in our nation. I believe that we need to do away with capital punishment andContinue Reading

Upon arriving back to campus after Thanksgiving break, my friends and I sat around, whining and joking about radically conservative family members who had said some questionable things over creamed corn and Jell-O salad. We complained about grandmothers who support Ben Carson because they “heard that he prays twice aContinue Reading

  Jennifer Lawrence fell on her way down the red carpet again and the fact that her stumble was considered newsworthy enough to be featured on Time Magazine’s social media outlets worries me. America’s sweetheart is known for her work as Katniss Everdeen, a strong female lead in a seriouslyContinue Reading

A friend of mine is pregnant. Not on pur­pose but, still, she’s keeping the baby and has every intention of being a mother while still being a feminist. A topic that has sprung up since she announced her pregnancy is the dis­cussion of the “traditional woman.” Should women be housewives?Continue Reading

Cobber feminism club focuses on the equality of all sexes and genders Feminism Club has two basic rules: 1. Talk about feminism. 2. Don’t be a jerk. The club is new to Concordia’s campus this year and executive board members Katie Beedy, Rachel McCloud and Natalie Dulka aim to createContinue Reading

The first democratic debate of the election season was one hell of a show. In one corner, we had Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, yelling about unemployment and trying to talk about gun control for longer than his time limit. In the other corner, we had Hillary Clinton, formerContinue Reading

Many of my fellow feminists are extremely indignant about all dress codes, arguing that they are objectifying and that compliance to them often requires a lot more of women than men. But I haven’t always had a bone to pick with dress codes. I went to a Catholic school thatContinue Reading