The United States was founded upon several essential ideologies. One of the most important ones is the right of privacy that is alluded to in the Fourth Amendment. Lately, however, many prominent Americans have been having their privacy stripped from them. The most relevant privacy issue right now is regardingContinue Reading

Reduce, reuse, recycle. You’ve read or said this many times before in your life, but it’s important to note the order of these three actions. Often times the first action item people think of is recycling as a way to improve sustainability and probably rightfully so. The recycling system isContinue Reading

Nuancing the ‘Happy Cobber’ On every poster, in every picture that slides across the Concordia webpage and in every pamphlet and brochure sent to prospective students, the “Happy Cobber” is front and center.The photos in our advertising and marketing materials feature sunny skies, racial diversity, and smiles on every face.Continue Reading

How do we incentivize sustainability? In previous articles, I have touched on various aspects of sustainable development. I have yet to mention economics, which is arguably one of the most important aspects of sustainable development. Ideally, developing countries would invest in more sustainable energy sources, understand- ing that while temporarily low suppliesContinue Reading

Debating Bill Maher and George Carlin Throughout this campaign season, Democratic presidential candidates have made a point of maintaining strict political correctness. While Republicans use controversial terms like “Islamic terrorism,” Democrats refrain from using any style of language that could possibly be construed as offensive. Politi- cal correctness is centralContinue Reading

The practice is outdated When applying for college scholarships, there are inherent disadvantages to being inherently advantaged — and many who are inherently advantaged cry injustice. Minorities in need of financial assistance have access to funds that are otherwise inaccessible to non-minorities, and many non-minorities find it unfair. While somethingContinue Reading