President William Craft’s inauguration has been scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2012, as part of the Concordia’s Founders Day celebration one week before graduation. “Inaugurations are a milestone for a college,” said Tracey Moorhead, senior assistant to the president. “It’s a two-way thing – how we greet that leader andContinue Reading

The Student Government Association’s proposal to change intervisitation is nearing its completion. The Intervisitation Committee has been meeting weekly since September to work on their proposal. SGA held a town hall meeting on Oct. 26 to get student input. The meeting was another step in the long process of revisingContinue Reading

This article was written by Jamie Offerdahl, a contributing author for The Concordian. After more than two years of working as the assistant dean of the registrar, Nancy Penna is leaving her job at Concordia College. Penna’s last day at Concordia was Oct. 26. In mid-November she will start aContinue Reading

A hesitant voice crackles through the speaker of the Fargo Jet Center. “Fargo tower this is Cessna-N10897 at runway two seven, ready for takeoff.” “Clear.” Freshman Grace Lenhart gives the little white plane full throttle.  The dual screens freckled with lights and levers begin to blink as the engine whirs. Continue Reading

It is one minute until class ends; everyone’s notes are put away and yet the professor’s lecture continues. If you are like most students, your eyes are probably glued to the classroom clock, which you may have noticed getting digital makeovers over the past couple of years. Rebecca Amundsen, directorContinue Reading

Looking around at the Global Education Expo two weeks ago, it was easy to see the important place Global Education holds for Concordia’s students, faculty and administrators, and many take for granted the numerous international programs the college offers. What most people on campus don’t realize, however, is how farContinue Reading