Students no longer required to choose a concentration This year, the communication studies department has restructured the requirements for the communication studies major. The department made these changes to reduce the stress of having to pick a concentration. In the past system, students had to choose one of four specific concentrations:Continue Reading

Faculty Senate plan to incorporate more integrative experiences in curriculum To embellish the Concordia ideology of BREW, faculty, administration and students have been devising a potential curriculum change that would push students outside the classroom several times throughout their academic career. At the Faculty Senate meeting on Sept. 21, facultyContinue Reading

Credo, Concordia’s honors program, will launch its new research-intensive courses this spring. The program’s new focus brings multiple changes, including the replacement of the old team-taught classes. Low numbers of students were enrolling in Credo classes, partially due to the lack of course offerings, according to Dr. Susan Larson, programContinue Reading