Some seniors have found that courses for their major or minor — courses they need to graduate on time — won’t be offered when they need them most. If students cannot take the necessary courses their senior year, they have choices to make: take courses at one of the otherContinue Reading

Concordia College will officially have a license to serve alcohol on campus starting this summer. This news may lead Cobbers to believe in an upcoming campus bar, but this is not the case. Strict guidelines have been applied to the sale of alcohol on campus. Concordia will only be allowedContinue Reading

After a grueling Winter, the CobBikes have finally returned to their rack, and they will stay there for the rest of the semester – rain, shine or even snow. Dr. Ken Foster, chair of Concordia’s Sustainability Council, and Kim Haley, a Sustainability intern, said they have some plans in mindContinue Reading

Before the adventure, the host families, the bus rides or the plane trip, many Concordia students must organize and plan for their study abroad classes. Each student approaches this differently. Some plan as much as possible beforehand; others take the trip as it comes and change their schedule as theyContinue Reading

2015 Peace Scholars will represent Concordia in Norway; first time overseas for both Peace Scholars will learn logistics of peace across the globe. President Craft declared Alex Gray and Matthew Lillehaugen as Concordia’s 2015 Peace Scholars on February 20, 2015; these two students have already begun to fulfill their titleContinue Reading

HILT visits California, D.C. This year, two High Impact Leadership trips set off to their destinations over spring break. One trip went to Washington D.C. to learn about environmental policy, while the other went to California to learn about sustainable agriculture and organic farming. Both groups came back filled withContinue Reading

Concordia pastor Timothy Megorden recently announced his plans to retire by September 2015. When Megorden accepted the position of campus pastor in 2007, he vowed that he would retire in four years. “It’s been eight years because it’s really been good,” he said. Megorden graduated from Concordia in 1969 withContinue Reading

Concordia changes news media outlets Newspapers in dorms? Gone. The New York Times in Knutson? Gone. USA Today? Gone. So where have Concordia’s print newspapers gone? The web. The Concordia community now has access to online newspaper subscriptions of The New York Times and The Washington Post. Physical copies ofContinue Reading