MOORHEAD — The Integrated Science Center, ISC, houses a diverse range of activities and organizations. Among them is the Exotic Animal Care and Husbandry Club, known as EACH.   EACH plays a vital role in the care of over 40 unique critters while managing corridor displays featuring prominent species like Gödel,Continue Reading

MOORHEAD – The annual “Root Beer Kegger” event hosted by Cru helped to build community for new members featuring a bonfire, music and games in addition to the previously mentioned root beer.  Cru, formerly known as the Campus Crusade for Christ, is a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian organization that has chaptersContinue Reading

MOORHEAD — One of the many benefits of Concordia is that the campus is open to students, faculty and the general public. Individuals may enter and leave the grounds as they wish. However, this freedom can sometimes result in unwanted interactions between Fargo-Moorhead community members and the Concordia community, asContinue Reading

MOORHEAD — It has now been three years since Olivia Rodrigo released her debut album, SOUR. On Friday, Sept. 8th, Rodrigo released her sophomore album, GUTS, and took the internet by storm. After a few listens of each song on the record, I thought the album was a much grittierContinue Reading