From Grammy-nominated metal performer to the first-ever Roblox listening party, Poppy has been busy the past two years. She’s been on my radar as far back as 2011 with her mysterious yet alluring YouTube channel and early pop music career under the name “That Poppy.” Her newest project “Flux” isContinue Reading

Growing up through adversity as a child can be disorienting and scary, but witnessing the same adversity as an adult is even more difficult, especially being isolated from those impacted the most. Robert Lestrick, a Concordia from New Orleans, Louisiana shares the mental anxiety he went through as someone fromContinue Reading

That red, white and blue star-spangled banner. A white flag with a big red circle. The red, white and blue Union Jack. Flags are often an instantly recognizable symbol of a country. The International Student Organization marched in Concordia College’s homecoming parade with a colorful display of flags and nationalContinue Reading