The “Ask an Atheist” panel gave area residents a chance to discuss the reasoning behind choosing to follow no religion. Concordia’s Secular Club held the panel on campus last Sunday in an effort to increase dialogue and decrease negative connotations surrounding the topic. The Secular Club held the panel asContinue Reading

When Michael Wilson stepped onto Concordia’s campus for Orientation four years ago, he knew there would be a lot of white kids. But when he looked around at all the upperclassmen, he saw that white was the vast majority. Wilson, a senior and former president of Concordia’s Black Student Union,Continue Reading

Scarf Boy had found home at Concordia, that much was sure. People cared about him and his well-being and made that apparent from the minute they started interacting with him. They indulged his constant chatter regarding which Eric Whitacre song was the best, which boy on Glee was the cutestContinue Reading

How body image shapes perception and why it shouldn’t As a freshman, Scarf Boy felt immense amounts of love and support on a day-to-day basis. He made a lot of friends who were able to boost him up, validate his appearance–scarves and all–and make him feel as though he wasContinue Reading

The 2012 campaign was supposed to be a nail-biter. Republicans were convinced they had an incumbent in the White House who was vulnerable, both because of the weak economy and because of deep-seated divisions among the electorate. The strategy was an old one for Republicans: find some kind of wedgeContinue Reading

Mark Hanson, presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, visited Concordia on Oct. 16 and engaged the community in discussion on what it means to be a college of the church. As bishop of the ELCA, Hanson serves as a shepherd or head of the church, leading andContinue Reading

A year ago, I was not happy at how Concordia overlooked the presence of minority students; we used to see minority students clustering together in DS, class and almost everywhere people gathered. This year, it seems this issue is being addressed. In last week’s Concordian issue, I saw two remarkableContinue Reading