With Halloween just around the corner, the last few weeks of October are crucial for finalizing a great Halloween costume. For all of the graduating students who have been diagnosed with TOTS — trick-or-treat senioritis — don’t worry. The Concordian has prepared a list of last minute costume ideas justContinue Reading

Are they too sexualized? As Halloween approaches, people are stocking up on candy and preparing their costumes. As people  walk down the costume aisle, men have a wide variety of costumes to choose from, while women experience the stress of having to choose a costume from a limited array ofContinue Reading

The sought-after Candy Corn Award is given to a college speech competitor who experiences the most embarrassing moment at the annual Halloween-themed tournament during the last weekend of October. Concordia speech team member and junior Cate Bruns received this award at the Halloween tournament in Crete, Nebraska this past weekend,Continue Reading

Halloween is drawing nigh, and like just about everyone else I am feigning apathy. I’m jacked like you wouldn’t believe to see all of the ladies to be dressed like the elegant women they want to be and the men dressed as the hardcore gents they can’t handle thinking about.Continue Reading

Halloween costumes are known to shock, frighten and titillate celebrators everywhere. But so do the prices. This year, some people sought to cut down the horrific costs in favor of more original and cheaper costumes for their Halloween festivities. At the Gaede Stage Theatre at Minnesota State University– Moorhead, troupeContinue Reading