The state of environmentalism in the United States, as well as abroad, has reached a crucial crossroads. For decades the political left has promoted, influenced and instituted positive policy in regards to climate change and the safety and well-being of our environment. The political polarization of issues regarding environmental policyContinue Reading

Rigid policies are in place, but how do professors actually deal with it? A survey of over 63,700 college students conducted by Rutgers University found that 38 percent of college students admit to “copying a few sentences from a writ- ten source without citing it,” and 7 percent admit toContinue Reading

The weekend before finals, a murder/suicide occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech that left a campus police officer dead. Campus officials hunted for the killer while the school remained in lock-down for nearly four hours before determining the second body was that of the shooter, a student at aContinue Reading