Thursday, Student Government Association will present their 2014-2015 student activity fee proposal to the Budget Planning Committee. If the proposal is passed, budget cuts will be made to some campus organizations because of income projections for the upcoming year. The SAF is a portion of tuition that goes toward fundingContinue Reading

While there are 115 different clubs and organizations at Concordia, there are also groups on campus that are not considered official clubs. Recently, there has been a push for a secular club that has not been approved, but there there are also other  groups on campus with large memberships thatContinue Reading

Funding for student organizations has decreased this school year due to the drop in enrollment and an increase in budgets for larger organizations. Some of the organizations that requested more money were Concordia Entertainment Commission, the Student Government Association, Homecoming and Orientation. According to Nathalie Rinehardt, assistant director of studentContinue Reading

International Student Organization has seen an increase in the number of international students this year. The total number of new international students, including students staying at Concordia for one semester, and those staying for one year is 55. “This year the number in exchange students has definitely increased,” said SonjaContinue Reading