Album review: PUP’s high octane “This Place Sucks A**” is a reminder of true punk rock

I love PUP. They have been on my radar since their 2019 album “Morbid Stuff” and have always delivered with their musical talent and tone. Their newly release EP “This Place Sucks A**” continues to impress and creates a nihilistic tone that is very enjoyable to experience. 

This EP lasts a mere 17 minutes.That is all PUP needs to portray their signature “I really don’t care about anything, but I’m sensitive so be nice to me” tone. All six tracks are invigorating and intense. These types of tracks are exactly what I love to see from PUP. They are clearly in their element, and it shows.

When it comes to diversity, this album is lacking, but fans of PUP know exactly what they sign up for when it comes to these pint-sized EPs. Compact as it is, this record is chalked full of attitude and spunk. 

A comparison that I like to make about PUP, and one that irritates my father to no end, is the similarity between their lead vocalist and The Hold Steady’s vocalist, Craig Finn. Stefab Babcock, the lead singer for PUP has the same diction and storytelling drive of Craig Finn. This is seen most in the track “Rot,” the opening song on this EP. The similarities might only be seen by me, but it helps to clearly digest the influences and is the reason why I love this group so much. 

PUP creates a special subgenre, one that is relatable to both severe punk and punk pop fans alike. They are young, and within that fact, their music is still fresh, not bogged down by old punk standards. They can create music that can be heavy, but also given the talent of the group members, the music can be more chill, melodic and rock-based. 

This EP is not only an easy-to-listen-to compilation of their newest work, but also a true project. I await PUP’s next album, but until that is released, I can enjoy this small, perfectly packaged gift. I would recommend PUP to anyone who enjoys harder rock, and would like a good taste of punk as well.

This album is fun, energetic and nihilistic. Ironic to the name, this album is another reminder that music can make people feel. This album is remarkable, and proves that this place, our world, sometimes sucks a**.

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