Trump’s opposition to the election outcome

The ballots have been counted and the results are in. Or are they? President Trump has launched a full fledged attack on the election outcome, which as of right now has presented Joe Biden as the president-elect. These lawsuits and accusations have taken this already crazy and unorthodox election and turned it upside down. 

It is interesting how the tables have turned since the 2016 election. In 2016 we had a victorious Donald Trump as the president-elect with virtually every news media, celebrity, and politician demanding an investigation into the results because of suspected Russian interference. In 2016 the election outcome couldn’t be trusted. So, Democrats spent three years and tens of millions of dollars trying to prove interference in the election and they came up with nothing. 

Yet, in 2020 we are expected to believe the results and discourage anyone who would possibly question the outcome. Trump’s accusations have gotten little to no positive media coverage, but that is nothing new to him because he has been in a constant battle with the news media ever since he announced his run for the presidency. 

Let’s get into some of the claims Trump is making regarding fraud in this election. President Trump has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin. Many of these lawsuits are requesting recounts with poll watchers present to verify proper ballot counting procedures. Others are lawsuits to look into the ballot counting software, Dominion, which Trump claims had deleted votes for him and even potentially added votes for Biden. Evidence shows that Dominion had security issues in 2012, and twice in 2019. These issues were so severe that Texas refused to use them until corrections were made. The corrections needed to seal a gap that may allow voters to access the USB port and possibly tamper with the machine. Dominion claimed to have fixed this issue, but when investigated by the Texas Secretary of State a second time in 2019 it failed again due to the same issues. Sadly, several states accepted the machines as they were, but that is the right of each individual state to decide. Many critics of Trump call these claims absolutely baseless, but to that I want to remind them of the Russia hoax. Those claims were all baseless and lasted three years while dumping millions of taxpayer’s dollars into it. 

Don’t get me wrong though, I truthfully believe there was fraud that occurred in this election but there is fraud in every election. The question was was this enough to change the outcome of the election. I truthfully don’t know and even if Biden still wins I think it is important for the American people to know the truth. If there was no fraud we should know and we should see Trump’s lawsuits all be thrown out, which some of them have been. And if there is any fraud we should also know that and see Trump’s lawsuits win in court, which several are currently pending. 

One of the reasons I believe there was fraud was just some weirdly suspicious behaviors seen at the polls. In Detroit, Michigan a polling center was seen boarding up their windows to keep the people on the outside from looking in and recording the ballot counting. If there was nothing to hide then why were they boarding up the windows. Another thing to look at is some of the odd statistical irregularities we saw during the election night ballot counting. One of these being the incredibly high voter turnout in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin they saw an 89% voter turnout, which at first is sounding quite impressive, but upon further investigation seems highly unlikely. Former campaign manager for Bill Clinton’s 1996 presidential campaign, Dick Morris, said in a Newsmax interview that after viewing the voter turnout statistics in Wisconsin that, ”. . . there is an allegation of ballot-stuffing in those counties, which may very well be true.” Although it is possible that Wisconsin may have had a huge spike in voter turnout, I think everyone would agree that this is suspicious to say the least.

In the end I think Joe Biden should encourage Trump to pursue his claims. If Biden truthfully did win then he shouldn’t have anything to worry about, but if there was some illegal activity in this election then I suppose Biden and the media would want to cover it up which is what is currently going on. The double standard is alive and well in America, and according to the media Donald Trump needs a miracle to win this election but he needed a miracle in 2016 too. I am just glad that the Republicans aren’t using this as a time to riot and loot in the streets because we all know that the Democrats would.

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