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Student Government Association holds second senate meeting 

MOORHEAD – Student Government Association (SGA) held their second senate meeting of the year where they discussed goals, rules and procedures and community involvement. 

The meeting kicked off with a round of introductions from members and was followed by a student inquiry from senior Graycin Wanzek, who was requesting mirrors be installed in Concordia’s balcony workout facility. 

“I don’t really know what the formal process is for getting that put up so I’m bringing it here (to SGA),” said Wanzek. 

Wanzek had previously brought a full-length mirror to the balcony in order to give students something to use while they work out. 

“It keeps people safe; you can see what you’re doing,” said Wanzek. 

Wanzek’s inquiry was followed by a presentation about SGA’s budget for the year and how members can access SGA funds. 

“Approval comes in the form of discussion here in the senate,” SGA President, Jesus Gonzalez said. 

Gonzalez followed the budget discussion with a presentation on SGA’s strategic goals for the year. 

There are four strategic goals SGA is currently planning to implement this year; cultivating a united community, enhancing accessibility, building a healthy community and developing a safe campus environment. 

Each strategic goal is supported by a subcommittee created to help SGA achieve them. 

Hopefully these subcommittees that we create will be effective, efficient and long-lasting,” Gonzalez said. 

Following the presentation, SGA Vice President Anna Kronbeck gave an overview of the rules and procedures for the year. Senate meetings typically follow a format known as “Robert’s rules” for how to speak and propose a resolution at a meeting.  

The same rules will be used at Senate meetings for the 2023-2024 year, with the addition of several new rules and procedures being proposed as a student government handbook for the year. 

The handbook, which was proposed as a resolution, will be voted on at the next SGA meeting on Oct. 5. If the resolution passes, the handbook will go into effect only for this year’s association.  

One of the new additions to SGA being proposed through the handbook resolution is the implementation of a three-strike policy for SGA members. The policy would be used to address members who violate the rules of SGA or no longer meet SGA requirements, such as maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA.  

Each member has three strikes, should they receive three, a member can be recommended to the Elections and Credentials Committee (ECC) for member penalty and potential removal from SGA. 

The rules and procedures resolution was followed by a discussion from SGA members and then an example of a senate appropriation request by junior SGA member Jacob Schoenborn. 

Schoenborn was requesting $200 of SGA funds to pay for supplies for first-year representative elections. The request was centered on garnering interest in SGA elections and increasing student involvement.  

“How do we increase engagement with student government? Specifically, voter turnout,” said Schoenborn. 

Overall student engagement for presidential elections increased in the past two years at Concordia, going from 16% voter turnout in 2022 to 33% voter turnout in 2023, but Schoenborn wants to increase these numbers even further.  

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