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International Education Week: Concordia celebrates international education and exchange 

MOORHEAD – From Nov. 14 to 19, Concordia will be hosting a variety of events to celebrate International Education Week (IEW). IEW is a nationally recognized week that gives schools an opportunity to recognize the benefits of international education and exchange.  

“International Education Week is a week where you get a chance to not only learn about what’s happening in the world, but also to learn about different opportunities like the study away programs and different majors that you can do when it comes to languages,” senior and International Student Organization president, Alissa Edjacin said. “It’s a time for learning and increasing diversity when it comes to education.” 

According to Concordia’s website, there are currently 88 international students attending Concordia, many of which are participating in the events during the week.  

“Concordia’s mission statement says that we have to become responsibly engaged. (IEW) is important in that sense because it not only allows people to learn about new things, but it gives them an actual time and a space where people can just come by and learn about different countries and try different snacks. For students that are coming from different places, it gives them a chance to feel like they belong in the space,” Edjacin said. 

Domestic students are also encouraged to attend the events to learn about different cultures and international opportunities they can take advantage of.  

“During this time, it’s very, very important that we make sure that the domestic students, that they have the information that is needed about the opportunities that we have at Concordia which will benefit them,” International Community Coordinator, Jesse Kiboko said. “If somebody wants to go to Norway, which is why we have the study away the office, they can go and get some information about that study away program.”  

There are a wide range of events happening throughout the week that allow international students to share their cultures with their peers.  

“We have students from 63 countries. And so, every country, group, city, neighborhood that people come from has their own perspective and something to teach us and something to celebrate,” International Admissions Operations Coordinator, Maryn Cella said. 

“On Monday, there will be 15 minutes where we’re going to sit down at the Atrium with some flags, and there will be a speech. That’s how we’re going to start. And we encourage students, anybody who has traditional clothing to wear this next week, to wear it out. I will do that next week. So next week when you look for me, every day I’m going to be wearing something different,” Kiboko said. 

Other events planned for the week include culture, language and study away tables being set up in the Atrium on Tuesday, and faculty and student panels in the Centrum from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursday. 

“Saturday is the big event of the International Student Festival where students will be performing, there is going to be a different type of flag ceremony where they are going to walk their flags in, a fashion show, so kind of all over the place. Super exciting,” Cella said.  

Diversity is a very important pillar of Concordia, and this celebration of diverse cultures is an opportunity for all students to learn the importance of Concordia’s diverse student population. 

“There are people that may look different from you, but we still want to be human beings, all human beings. So, I think we universally should take advantage of that. Educating people. Bringing people together and education and especially during Education Week is the best time to bring people together instead of dividing,” Kiboko said.  

“It’s really important to keep learning together and just celebrate each other’s differences and cultures together,” Edjacin said. 

A list of all International Education Week Events are as follows: 

Monday, Nov. 13: Flag Ceremony from 10 to 10:20 a.m. in the atrium of Knutson Campus Center. 

Tuesday, Nov 14: Culture, Language and Study Away Tables all day in the atrium of Knutson Campus Center. 

Thursday, Nov. 16: Faculty and Student Panels from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Centrum. 

Saturday, Nov 18: International Student Festival from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Centrum. 

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