Sports brief: Olson Forum balcony

Concordia is evaluating the equipment located in the balcony of Olson Forum in order to make appropriate repairs, replacements and additions sometime this school year.

The college started evaluations earlier this fall and will look to order the necessary equipment by this December, according to Chelle Hanson, Director of Student Leadership and Service.

“Every year we go through evaluations,” she said. “Ideally we would replace [equipment] during the summer, but our schedule is a little off kilter.”

Establishing a definitive replacement schedule is something that Hanson hopes will come out of this whole process. She said it’s important to stagger equipment replacements in order to avoid making restorations on a number of different types of equipment at the same time.

Hanson was only recently put in charge of the balcony as the person previously responsible left just last January. She will get help from the newly appointed Vice President of Student Affairs, Sue Oatey.

“We have a great opportunity to work with Sue, especially because of her background in recreation,” Hanson said.

Many of the additions they are looking into so far are minor. Things like benches, new exercise balls and replacing worn treadmill mats—among other small repairs—are all likely possibilities, Hanson said.

“We’re constantly trying to refresh,” she said. “We’ll look at primary needs and then address the budget.”

The college has often gone through Push Pedal Pull for replacements and repairs in the past and has always been very pleased with the company’s service, Hanson said, but evaluating the best options is also a part of this process.


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