As the Midwest shifts away from winter and into the later stages of March, there is more that Concordia students can be expecting besides warmer weather and potential floods – potholes.  Throughout the winter season, teams of snowplow drivers worked continuously to clear the roads and parking lots of iceContinue Reading

Concordia College kicked off its first ever author-in-residence program with a panel discussion featuring science writers Ed Yong and Suzanne Simard.  Yong, a Pulitzer Prize winning writer for The Atlantic, appeared on the panel to speak about his book An Immense World. Yong’s work explores the different senses animals experienceContinue Reading

Ramadan Kareem, a whole month of not eating or drinking from dawn to dusk and one of Islam’s holiest months, is coming to Concordia College on March 22nd.   Muslims all over the world avoid drinking water, eating, arguing, getting angry, losing patience, and many other moral and behavioral condemnationsContinue Reading

Traveling to a country outside of the United States can sound like a dream come true to any college student; however, there’s often a large workload and responsibility that comes with postsecondary education. College administrators and professors are constantly looking for ways to make education for their students more fruitfulContinue Reading

Concordia College hosted Minnesota State Representative Heather Keeler at a discussion event to interact with students and speak about how to become more involved in state government.  Representative Keeler, first elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives for District 4A in 2020, met with students Friday evening in the school’sContinue Reading