By Kayla Zopfi A student in my Women’s and Gender Studies class, WGS201, is currently awaiting trial for 10 counts of possession of child pornography and one count of disseminating child pornography. This is public knowledge – yet, from what I can gather, this student has been free to takeContinue Reading

In the months building up to the 2020 presidential election, the Republican Party, recognizing the weaknesses of their campaign and their candidate, shifted their focus from the result to the process. Led by then-President Donald Trump, elected Republican officials began to disingenuously cry foul about new voting laws that wereContinue Reading

Thomas Paine’s writings before the American Revolution were essential in making the case for revolution, and his pamphlet “Common Sense” exemplified this. In my AP U.S. History class in high school, we only learned about Paine’s “Common Sense” but didn’t talk about his other writings at all. This is whatContinue Reading

The first weeks of 2021 have been almost as turbulent as the first weeks of 2020, and it just keeps getting worse. As part of a massive system that affected much of the country, the winter storm that struck Texas created a disaster that no one saw coming. With temperaturesContinue Reading