This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Joshua Hermerding, a senior at Concordia College. A small commentary now that registration anxiety has come and gone.  I nonchalantly navigated various social networking websites these last two weeks and was privy to scores of Concordia students chattering about schedule preparation.  However,Continue Reading

As an upperclassman, you start to appreciate things that you used to ignore when you were a young, sprite first-year. Things like free time, convenient parking, groceries and quarters for laundry usually top my list. Items that once seemed so magical in recent years have lost their novelty. My weekendsContinue Reading

The Student Government Association’s proposal to change intervisitation is nearing its completion. The Intervisitation Committee has been meeting weekly since September to work on their proposal. SGA held a town hall meeting on Oct. 26 to get student input. The meeting was another step in the long process of revisingContinue Reading

Halloween costumes are known to shock, frighten and titillate celebrators everywhere. But so do the prices. This year, some people sought to cut down the horrific costs in favor of more original and cheaper costumes for their Halloween festivities. At the Gaede Stage Theatre at Minnesota State University– Moorhead, troupeContinue Reading

The smell wafts down the hallways of East Complex, enticing anyone nearby to call them up. Stomachs growl as the aroma of melted cheese and butter distracts studying students. As students peak their heads out of their rooms to investigate, they see homemade grilled cheese sandwiches being delivered to theirContinue Reading

Their outing to the Moorhead Buffalo Wild Wings was not spur of the moment. When fifteen cobber men from the Concordia Band arrived at the popular sports restaurant on October 19th, they arrived with one goal: Eat 600 wings. The idea was incited by an article printed in the SeptemberContinue Reading

    I typically try to refrain from writing editorials in first person, but this week I was reminded of some sage advice I received earlier this year and it seemed most appropriate to impart it personally. More on that in a second. If you’re like me, mid-sem is oneContinue Reading

I want all of you out there to know about me, and this week I want to talk about being a desk worker in the happiest place on earth, Livedalen. I love my job as a desk worker and could not ask for anything more than being able to doContinue Reading