Not too many people knew about global warming before Former Vice President Al Gore premiered “An Inconvenient Truth.” Climate change research was something that was reserved for elites in the sciences and environmental fields. Gore successfully used the platform of being a well-known political figure to convey scientific findings toContinue Reading

The atmosphere was electrifying, the energy palpable, as Kendal Black of the Office of Student Success and Retention Services stood facing her opponent, President William Craft, at the fourth annual Rock Paper Scissors Tournament on Jan. 23 in the Centrum. The two figures loomed large, center stage, a bright lightContinue Reading

Professor Scott Jones announced his resignation on Jan. 18, ending seven years of teaching, conducting and leading hundreds of Concordia students. His resignation adds to the significant transition within the music department alongside the retirements of June Rauschabel, Peter Nygaard and Michael Smith. “This is absolutely normal in any department,”Continue Reading

While many Americans watched last week’s State of the Union address, its possible President Obama’s mind was somewhere else. Specifically, halfway across the globe in Somalia, where concurrent to his speech, a hostage rescue mission was carried out by Navy SEALs. The raid, which brought an American and Danish citizenContinue Reading

I am a scissorholic. I am a curling iron user, a flat iron lover, a hairspray buyer and a pomade/mousse/wax aficionado. I have had every hair cut imaginable. I remember every single one, and here I am to tell you about it and the loveliness that is my ginger maneContinue Reading

The Student Government Association delivered their completed proposal to change the intervisitation policy to  Interum Dean of Students Bruce Vieweg on Jan. 24. SGA’s intervisitation committee has been working on the proposal since September. They have hosted weekly meetings to work on the proposal. Since the beginning of this semester,Continue Reading

This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Sarah Fritz, a sophomore at Concordia College. I discovered the great art of possuming at a young age. I have never been a big fan of confrontation or drama, so I often times just let things go or ignored a certain situationContinue Reading

Less than three months ago the Fargo-Moorhead community faced the daunting fact that the number of homeless in the area exceeded the amount of space at local shelters. It was an emergency situation. But through collaboration with local churches, homeless shelters and volunteers from the community, overflow guests are beingContinue Reading

Last weekend the Concordia College community paid a respectful homage to one of the greatest composers and organists of all time, Johann Sebastian Bach. The event, “A Family Affair: Music of the Johann Sebastian Bach Family,” was a student-led symposium coordinated by senior Andrew Steinberg with help from Jean HellnerContinue Reading