MOORHEAD — The Cobber Men’s hockey team won 4-3 in an overtime victory against the St. Johns Johnnies at the Moorhead Sports Center on Thursday, Nov. 9.   The Cobbers struck first blood with 1:24 left in the first period when junior center Isaac Henkemeyer-Howe scored, assisted by freshman forward Caden Triggs. LessContinue Reading

MOORHEAD- On the sidelines of every home football game stands Sam Beedy. Continually boosting the team’s spirits, Beedy fulfills the role of ultimate hype for Cobber Football.   “I just like to be the really cool hype man,” Beedy said. “The one thing I love is when everyone is allContinue Reading

The trees are bare, the air is brisk and daylight is fleeting. To quote Eddard Stark and Randy Marsh, “Winter is coming.” For Concordia’s wrestlers, swimmers, divers, ballers, and hockey players the changing of the season means that their respective seasons are about to begin. Here is a preview ofContinue Reading