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Drunken Noodle

drunken noodle - reviewAre you tired of getting food in DS or the Maize? Do you feel stuck on campus with nothing to do? Well, I have your solution.

The Drunken Noodle is a local noodle restaurant in Fargo. Although, it may not have the biggest menu you have ever seen. They have about seven classic dishes and seven exotic dishes. Their variety makes up for it. They have something for everyone. Their noodles can be made for a vegetarian, or you can ask for the vegan menu. My personal favorite is the Mac & Cheese, it is a classic, but they mix up some new spices that you will have to try for yourself. If you are feeling more adventurous, you could try the “Evil Jungle Noodles” which they describe as “wide rice noodles, with beef, chicken, shrimp, cabbage, bean sprouts & bell peppers in a spicy red curry,” it is spicy, but the adventurous will love it. Still, there are some of you saying, I don’t want the simple Mac & Cheese, but I am not feeling brave enough to try the Evil Jungle Noodles, which is perfectly understandable; for you there are a few other choices such as Pad Thai, Basil Pesto, Udon, Pho, and their original creation the Drunken Noodle. I haven’t tried them all yet, but my friends swear they all taste great! Each dish has some flair that you might not see coming and each dish is a delicious creation.

If the food wasn’t enough to get you to get up and drive directly to the Drunken Noodle, the atmosphere is enough to get you to go. The interior is dark and warm and set up in a way that originally you question if the owners meant to place a table in the middle of the room, but at the same time, you can’t imagine the table being placed somewhere else. The booths are comfy and welcoming. Perfect for sitting and enjoying your meal. There are people walking through and you can hear the two restaurants that are connected to it. One doorway leads to a frozen yogurt shop, and the other a sushi restaurant. With all of the people walking through it can get a little loud, but the restaurant is small enough to make you feel like you have your own bubble around your table.

So when you are looking to find some food at a place other than DS or the Maize you can head to Downtown Fargo. Each dish is only about $7-8, and worth every bite. It’s late you say, well the Drunken Noodle is open from 11am – 9pm daily, 11am – 3am weekends, 12pm – 8pm Sunday. Now you have no excuse, get up and go grab yourself some delicious noodles.

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