By Justin Monroe In October of 2016, a few mindful students and faculty combined their efforts to figure out a solution for reducing the amount of food wasted in Concordia’s Anderson Commons, giving life to the Taste Not Waste campaign. Taste Not Waste has implemented strategies not only into theContinue Reading

For students with special dietary needs, navigating through Dining Services can be tricky. It is hard to know what ingredients may be hiding in the multitude of dishes being served every day. Hopefully, that is going to change. Dining Services currently provides resources for students with special dietary needs toContinue Reading

After its recent endorsement of Concordia’s divest movement, Dining Services has launched a parallel campaign to focus on a campus digest movement. To divest is to have universities reallocate their funds away from companies involved in extracting fossil fuels and into more sustainable investments. To digest is to cause theContinue Reading

During my time as a Cobber, I have allowed most changes made to furniture arrangements and eating implements in Anderson Commons to pass me by with little comment. Perhaps I grumbled at first when they began to replace the angular black bowls with the round white bowls last year, andContinue Reading

DS staff and budget have lowered, forcing Dining Services to limit food options Anderson Commons offers students a variety of food options — anywhere from chicken strips to gluten-free vegetarian dishes, but students may have noticed some recent changes. This year’s decline in student enrollment has forced dining services toContinue Reading