MOORHEAD — Suicide Prevention week is a nationally recognized week from Sept. 10 to Sept. 16 that focuses on the awareness and prevention of suicide in America.   Suicide is an ever-prevalent topic in our world, where one in four adults suffer from mental illness. Conversations about suicide have become increasinglyContinue Reading

MOORHEAD — International students make up a small but crucial part of Concordia’s undergraduate population. Over the last two years, the percentage of international first year students in the fall cohort has dropped from an all time high of 9% in 2021 down to only 3% this year.   International students areContinue Reading

MOORHEAD — The Integrated Science Center, ISC, houses a diverse range of activities and organizations. Among them is the Exotic Animal Care and Husbandry Club, known as EACH.   EACH plays a vital role in the care of over 40 unique critters while managing corridor displays featuring prominent species like Gödel,Continue Reading