In 2017, over 2 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Concordia’s Student Government Association is doing their part to combat rises in STD cases through an initiative to sell contraceptives on campus. Katelyn Jensen, SGA sophomore class representative, is currentlyContinue Reading

On the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 18, Concordia students gathered in The Maize, awaiting the election results for the 2018-19 academic year Student Government Association executive team. This election was very different from previous years for SGA: for the first time since 2008, an executive team ran without opposition. AndContinue Reading

Concordia’s Narrative 4 Corps is seeking to bring people together through storytelling, and will be arranging a post-election story exchange in January. According to Dr. Dawn Duncan, professor of English and global studies, Narrative 4’s work is important following the presidential election. “Unless we stop the level of hatred andContinue Reading

Students walk to hunched over with backpacks and dreams too big to shoulder. Bicyclists whisk by, then someone on a longboard. At Knutson, the cyclists lock up their bikes. The longboarder shelves the board in a rack and does the same. Last year, current senior Samuel Olson headed the StudentContinue Reading

After a record vot- ing turnout, nearly dou- ble of last year’s, Rachael Schauer and Molly Aga were named Concordia’s Student Body President and Vice President. According to Grace Hoffa, the 2016 Spring Elections Marshal, Schau- er and Aga won in a land- slide 574 votes, while Jus- tin OdneyContinue Reading

I am reminded this week of the February 11, 2005 issue of The Concordian: the top headline is “STUDENT APATHY” (capitalized, I assume, for journalistic panache). The subject of the article is the fact that the Student Association – as student government was then called – had only one teamContinue Reading