Concordia and MSUM students march with posters along 8th street. Photo by Maddie Malat.

Local students on the march

DAPL visibly opposed by Student Environmental Alliance “Water is life, water is life!” the college students shouted as they walked along 8th Street. They held their hand-painted cardboard signs high, […]


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  • Concolife app promotes engagement on campus

    Concolife app promotes engagement on campus

    Over a year ago, a conversation began about creating a Concordia mobile app for students. On Aug. 10 of this year, that conversation became a reality as the ConcoLife app […]

  • Josh Mackner, Co-Executive Director of Concordia Dance Marathon (far right), and other Dance Mara- thon supporters pose with a child that benefited from the Children’s Miracle Network. Courtesy of Concordia Dance Marathon

    Dance marathon bops to the top

    We all know that the cost of tuition at is no small number, but that amount is what one student organization is working to raise this year in order to […]

  • Concordia turns 125

    Concordia turns 125

    College prepares for quasquicentennial Oct. 31, 2016 marks the 125th anniversary of Concordia College and there are many events planned to take place throughout the year to celebrate this milestone […]

  • Concordia’s alcohol policy to change

    Concordia’s alcohol policy to change

    In a move that is bringing good news to upperclassman, the longstanding prohibition of the possession and consumption of alcohol on Concordia’s campus is getting an update. Students who are […]

  • Singer-Songwriter PJ draws inspiration from her own life experiences, other current artists, and Disney.

    Writing from the heart: Singer-Songwriter PJ performs at Concordia

    The bass drops and the crowd screams, eardrums and hearts vibrating with the beat. PJ comes out on stage. She crouches and waves her arms as her crisp, high voice […]

  • Fowzia Adde at the IDC. Photo by Katie Beedy.

    Fowzia Adde: Overcoming barriers for refugee women

    Fowzia Adde is at work in her office in the Townsite Center in Moorhead. Every minute, it seems, a bing from her computer indicates the arrival of another email—from businesses […]

  • How Concordia handles plagiarism

    How Concordia handles plagiarism

    Rigid policies are in place, but how do professors actually deal with it? A survey of over 63,700 college students conducted by Rutgers University found that 38 percent of college […]

  • From left to right: Shusterman, Ydstie, and Montgomery at the National Book Awards. Photo by Hans K. Peter.

    Ydstie, Concordia host National Book Awards

    Bookworms, aspiring writers and curious community members alike were invited last friday to the Concordia-hosted National Book Awards and a discussion about the minds of octopi and mentally ill teenagers. […]

  • A still from the film "Supermoto," featuring Concordia alum, Amber Morgan. Submitted.

    Long days, late nights

    Concordia Students, alumni and faculty delve into independent films In a fake forest of real trees, Amber Morgan steps into metaphorical shoes as action is called on the set of […]